Mission Statement

The Dream

Our church has a dream. With the gifts of multiple languages God gives us, we will spearhead a community church by reaching out to the un-churched in and beyond the community in which she is located and build up a core of committed disciples of Jesus Christ. We will infuse the Evangelical zeal and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit in all ministries where people can develop into spiritual maturity and become equipped for significant ministries as they discover and utilize the gifts and talents God gave them. We strongly believe that with the empowering of the Spirit, all Christians can work harmoniously together as one team, one family and one body of Christ for the glorification of God.

The Vision for the Church and for the People

It is our mission to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ throughout, but not limited to, the community by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and by rendering services to their spiritual and social needs.

It is our mission to heighten the sense of belonging to the church as a household of God and the sense of identity with the mission statement.

It is our mission to offer our church as a refuge where people can find joy, peace, love and spiritual healing through prayer and meditation.

It is our mission to develop people to spiritual maturity through the sermon, Bible studies, Sunday school, small groups, prayer meetings and retreats.

It is our mission to provide the necessary resources that will develop people’s gifts and talents for special ministries and outreach programs.

It is the mission of the people, through the love of Jesus Christ, to give support and show love, compassion and understanding to one another by bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

It is the mission of the people to become building stones, through the power of God, to facilitate the growth of the church that is to be built on rock and not on sand.



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